When refinishing our furniture (as documented here in our Refinishing Old Furniture Post) we faced the decision of going the stain and polyurethane route or using an all-in-one. For two pieces, a end table and coffee table, we decided to try the all-in-one. After stripping, sanding, and patching we started applying the all-in-one. Out of the gate, Diane was not thrilled, it went on uneven and really showed the brush marks. It was thicker than stain so it wouldn’t settle a bit like the stain did.

In the end we ended up having to apply about 4 to 5 coats to get the color we wanted (“Bombay mahogany” was the color of choice). It took a lot of work and in the end the pieces came out ok. We wet sanded these just like the others in the other post and the result was a smooth as glass surface that looks pretty sweet.

And in place:


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