I got an Arduino kit in from Sparkfun.com, specifically the kit was this: Arduino-Compatible PTH Kit

I setup my Nikon on a tripod to the side to take a shot every 5 seconds. Here’s the final result, I’ll save my thoughts on how it came out and the tech specs for after the video:

The lens I used was a Nikon 35.0 – 70.0 mm f/2.8. It’s an old push-pull from the 70’s, one thing is that it doesn’t have a manual focus so the focal point changed a bit from shot to shot, which gave an interesting effect, but I think I would have preferred that the focus stayed fixed through out the shots or I could have used a larger depth of focus.

The software I used to assemble all the photos was  Time Lapse Assembler on the Mac, in order to get the right speed I had to fiddle with the frames per sec. I ended up going with 7 frames per second, it seemed just fast enough, 5 seemed to slow and 10 was too fast.

I did another video, this one was for power board, The Benchtop Power Board that you plugged a computer power supply into and it gave you 5V 12V, etc posts:

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