Winter is here and we’ve found that we don’t have enough closet space or hooks to hold all of our coats as well as the other winter accessories. On the weekend before Christmas I built a coat rack for all of our winter stuff.Before we started there were a couple of items we had to consider. First off we had a lot of coats: the standard winter coat, the dress coat, the rain coat, the running sporty coat, the warm coat that’s ok for messy outdoor activities… and that’s for just me. So, it needed to be big enough for two people but not take up the whole foyer. Another thing was the supports, I had a crappy closet I got at Target for my first studio apt (that didn’t have a closet). I loaded it up and it promptly tipped over, I re-balanced the weight and after a month of use the main bar bent and then it was in the trash, so I didn’t want to go through that again. We figured it had to be at least 4 ft tall for those long dress coats, there was going to be a lot of weight on it so the feet and supports had to be long enough to not topple over. I didn’t break out my college Physics 2 notes to figure out how long the feet needed to be but rather just guessed that the width of the shoulders on the coats should suffice, which ended up being a little over 2 feet.

The original 2x4s, all measured up:

The Feet that will provide the support and keep it from tipping over:
I used angle braces on the feet to provide the stability. Rather than using metal brackets, I broke out the protractor and cut some 45 degree angle braces.
Here they are all finished:
The feet needed to be center, so I found the center and drilled a pilot hole to make the screws go in easier:
The bottom supports all assembled:
The entire rack assembled:
I didn’t want the feet scratching up the floor, so I added some felt supports, to do so I had to drill some pilot holes and hammer in a plastic thread that the feet screwed in to.
As I mentioned in the opening, I was worried about the weight of all the coats pulling the bar out or bending it. So as added support I added a eye hook to the middle by drilling a hole and using a washer and nut.
Adding all the hangers…

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