My first week back home and I’ve completed my first project: to make a case for the Raspberry Pi, which my awesome brother Jeff gave me for a gift long ago.

Project took about a full day, which I split over two days. A couple big points from this:

  • In the Lab!: This was the first project in the workshop, placement of tools, workspace, etc is very in flux right now. Finding a good home for everything, organizing, etc is going well.
  • Fatigue!: Luckily when I started to get fatigued I called it quits on the first day before I started rushing and going quickly just to be done, which with out a doubt would have resulted in stupid errors and a bad end product.
  • Photography backdrop: Unpacked the white paper, setup a stand to do the material shot. Came out well, looks good, and easy to setup and tear down. I’m quite pleased with the result!

    White Photography Paper setup
    White Photography Paper setup
  • My first Instructable!: Been a fan of that site for a long time, excited to be a contributor now and I think this was a good starting point. Couple more ideas floating around that I’d like to work on and complete this month. Here it is:
    Update: It got selected as a Featured project!!
  • Facebook Page.: I created the facebook page for Spaceman Labs a long time ago. Now finally starting to hook it up and use it. Will probably try to promote it once there’s more than 1 post on it. Going to connect this site to it as well and see how that goes.

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