Scotch Mount
Scotch Mount

This is another instructable I put together, this covering Astrophotography and a Scotch Mount which is a very simple way to do some star tracking and avoid star trails in night shots.

This was was a little different then previous instructable and had some new “firsts”:

  • This project used an Arduino and so I had code that went along with it.
  • I used the tool Fritzing for the breadboard and schematic layouts, a very cool, easy to use free tool for Arduino.
  • I packaged up all the Motor code pieces into a public Github repository, I was finally able to include github in a way that worked perfectly with the project.
  • Gears and motors can be fun but also frustrating to get them to work as planned, I feel I learned a lot of engineering knowledge in my trial and error attempts.

It was an enjoyable project, I got to try it out and got some decent shots. I think I’ll experiment some more with it and try to get better at Astrophotography, it can be a very frustrating hobby.   I’d also love to get some Meteor show shots with the setup, that’s on the list for future todos.

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