In Case of Apocalypse Break GlassThis was my first contest entry on Instructables, it was for the Apocalypse Preparedness Contest. I put the whole thing together in under 12 hrs, by the end I did rush a bit, it wasn’t noticeable or a problem, but I can’t expect to work that long on a project without the results suffering. This project had a couple of key points:

  • Box Joints – Another attempt at making joints, did this with the Dremel and router bit. Didn’t go well, jumped all over the place. Need another approach, like a table saw. Will have to keep practicing and use some other techniques.
  • Transistor – For the light detecting circuit, I used a photoresistor and transistor. I think this was the first time I’ve used a transistor in a project, I like that!
  • Twisted Wire – I made DSC_0437 for twisting wire, this was the first use of it. Worked well, the glue broke after a couple of uses so switch to nails and then split the wood. A couple refinements and it’ll work fine.
  • Drying Times – The paint and the crack filler did dry but not fully, so when working with it it did chip, dent, and get ruined pretty quickly. Ideally need to wait the full 12 hrs or 24 hrs to get good results.

Overall was a successful project, we’ll see how it goes in the contest.

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