Jellyfish Build Status

I’m trying something a little different. Typically I’ll work on a project, it’ll take a bunch of time, and only when it’s completed will I post all the photos and do a write-up (sometimes rushed or shortened). Now, I’m going to make posts as I hit milestones or complete certain key aspects of the project. I think it’ll allow me to focus my writing and go more in depth in some areas without being overwhelmed at the completion of the project.

In my day job I was working on an open source project called Project Jellyfish, which is a cloud brokering solution. As something “cool” for the office I want to create a Jellyfish that would show the current status of the various code builds. It’s not a new idea, I wired up a stoplight to show monitoring status a few years ago and this is similar. 

Key Aspects of the project:

  • Geodesic Dome (modeled above in SketchUp) to house the electronics, which is a Raspberry Pi and the circuits to drive the LEDs. The dome is to be semitransparent so you can sort of see the lights and electronics inside but not completely clear.
  • LED Tentacles – each one of eight will monitor a different build. 3 colors: Blue for normal, Red for a failed build, and yellow for when it is building. Might have some variations on flashing or solid.
  • Fading LEDs – In the dome will be solid blue LEDs but then a ring of red that will slowly fade in and out, like a sleeping Macbook, which is relatively easy to do with a timer chip and some capacitors.
  • Code to poll the Travis CI API and get the various states and then light LEDs accordingly.
  • Circuit board – To drive the LEDs I’ll need an external power supply (rather than the Raspberry Pi) and some transistors to control that circuit with the Pi. I’ll have to design and make my own PCB using the toner transfer method.



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