Scrappy Science Caddy
Scrappy Science Caddy

After a long delay I finally finished a new project, this is my Scrappy Science Caddy, a basic data acquisition box powered by a raspberry pi and the MCP3008 an Analog to Digital Chip.

I created an instructable for the project, viewed here (which got selected as a featured project):

and this is my first project I’ve submitted to, and I also submitted it as a “published” article, we’ll see if it gets approved.

Project was fun but I got a little burnt out on it by the end: I changed the design once, was going to rebuild and then gave up on that as well. In the end I made work what I had (which I’m not thrilled about) but it works well for what I want it to do and it looks decent. More importantly, this project had some techniques in it that were articles on this site: the pin connector, and reusing motherboard mounts. Also getting gnuplot to do the graphs that I wanted was a lot of fun, and I’m sure I’ll be reusing that code.


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