I’ve been trying to do more photography during the projects I’ve been working on and I was looking for some hands free solutions, and I came across this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Canon-EOS-Foot-Pedal-Shutter-Remote/. I thought it was definitely a good idea and gave it a try, in the process I learned a couple of things about my Nikon and how the shutter release works on it that I thought was pretty neat.

Parts used:

For my Nikon z 7, the shutter release has 3 wires:

  • Red - Shutter

  • Green - Focus

  • Blue - Common Ground

The way that it works is when the circuit is closed on the Green & Blue, the camera will start focusing. To get the shutter release to fire the Red & Blue need to be connected/closed WHILE the Green & Blue is connected/closed. If I close the Red & Blue on it’s own, the shutter doesn’t trigger.

To make this work in a foot pedal, I had to add another limit switch, which I just glued on to the one in there, the tape is just holding it while the glue dries, and I wired it up so that the first switch to trip was connected to the focus, and the second was connected to the shutter.

Originally, the pedal had a 2 wire audio cable connected to it, this was not enough wires so I switched it out for a CAT5 cable (just because I have plenty of this around) which has 8 wires in it, even though I only needed the 3.

Overall the setup works well, the half press on the pedal to get it to focus is pretty sensitive so often it’s a quick focus and shutter snap, hopefully I’ll get the hang of it and get that finer control.

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