I finished the Coat Rack this weekend and hung it in the house, it didn’t take a lot of effort, just some simple cutting, sanding and drilling holes.

Before (you can see that the drywall anchors are pulling out from the weight of the coats):

I started with the raw Pecan board and cut it to length. For the rack hardware, I drilled two holes for each for some 1 1/4″ inch #8 bolts. I had to countersink it on the back for the nut and to make sure it would hang flush on the wall without the bolts sticking through.

For mounting on the wall, I found where the studs were on the wall and placed two screws in each stud. This made the screw locations not centered or even on the board, but I didn’t let that lack of symmetry bother me.

I also countersunk the screws a bit as well. Originally I had planned on sinking them and placing a peg over them to hide the hardware, but ultimately decided to just keep it simple and use the screws, they wouldn’t stand out too much.

I used two coats of Danish Oil (natural shade) and was really pleased with the results, went on easily and it looked really nice. I also used the pre-stain on the wood before hand and hopefully that helped bring out the grain and made the Danish Oil results that good.

And here’s the original starting board:

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