Didn’t spend a lot of time in the workshop this week, but here’s a couple of items worth sharing…

  • Downtime & the fear of Burnout
  • Video Editing
  • Python & Schedule

Downtime & the fear of Burnout
This past week I was feeling a little run down, overwhelmed and just artificial “pressure” to get things done so rather than trying to push through it, I took a lot of downtime. After my regular 9 to 5 job was done rather than working on projects or trying to get things done, I instead just tried to relax, spend more time outside, and did some mindless stuff like watch terrible TV and play some video games. I’ve written about my experience with burnout before and in these crazy COVID-19 times I’ve been a little more hypersensitive and worried about burning out again. It’s tough being home all the time and without a schedule and discipline the lines between working and relaxing can get pretty blurry. But it was good, and well needed. By the end of the week I felt more energetic and I didn’t try to just jump right back in to things, I instead tried to wrap up some of the things I haven’t completed so that they aren’t hanging over me, and I tried to clean and organize so that the workshop is “ready” when I feel ready again. All of that seemed to help.

Video Editing
As I mentioned I’m trying to complete a handful of things that aren’t done and weighing on me, some of that involves wrapping up a project from about 6 months ago which involves a writeup and a decent amount of video editing to do and it’s not just editing together clips, it’s a lot more graphics and “effects” (simple shapes and call-outs nothing crazy!) but I’m by no means an expert in Premiere, so it’s very slow going. My standards are also high so there’s a bit of a mental battle there as well, which is probably why I keep putting it off. But I spent a couple hours on Saturday going through the motions and trying to bite of some smaller chunks and it was coming together well, that approach seemed to be going much better than the “get it ALL done in one sitting” approach I somehow thought I needed to do.

Python & Schedule
As part of the same project, which is a Pi controlled Sprinkler system, I’m trying to also finish off/make better the software that runs the whole thing. Of course working in Python and came across the Schedule module to handle the timing of everything, it’s been pretty fun but a little bit more into the intermediate areas of coding, so it’s been a little tough to try and wrap my brain around it all. Once again, trying to tackle small bits and milestones have made it seem like not such a daunting task.

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