On this Memorial day weekend and the start of Summer…

  • Tetrahedron Kite
  • New Connectors for cable management / modular builds
  • Pi Mount

Tetrahedron Kite
With COVID lockdown in full effect I was looking for some more activities to keep my daughter entertained, so we built a Tetrahedron Kite out of tissue paper and straws. It was something I learned how to do way back in either grade school or high school. A simple enough design that flies, plus you can keep stacking tetrahedrons and make it bigger and bigger.

New Connectors for cable management / modular builds
I got some pins in that I had ordered, they’re Dupont Jumper Wire Cable Housings (2.54 mm Pitch) the same kind that are used for jumper wire kits with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. I’ve been using them to wire up some sensors. Crimping the pins and getting them in to the housing is a little slow going and takes some patience, but they seem to be working out a little better than the IDE cable. Used a small dab of glue gun to make sure they don’t accidentally disconnect.

Pin connectors and a bit of glue gun to keep them in place.

Pi Mount
Lastly, I have a raspberry pi 4 in the workshop that I use looking stuff up, taking notes, etc. I have it on the back of a monitor but the double sided tape kept coming undone (it’s by a window so the temperature changes and likely the humidity changes are the probable culprit). I have a number of hillman metal connectors that I never know what to do with, I thought I would use them all the time but I practically never do, so I took a couple of pieces and made a tray mount to bolt the Pi case to with one end connected to the Vesa mount. At first I added some angled connectors on the end but they ended up putting the whole thing closer to the bracket arm and more in the way, so I took them off. End result is no more coming unglued and dangling off the back of the monitor.

Finally a use for these hillman metal connectors I have on hand

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