It’s been a hot week here in Austin and there’s definitely been a lot going on in the news. I didn’t spend a lot of time on projects or in the garage this week but had 2 items I wanted to discuss…

  • Stress Test & Data Interface/Display
  • Temporary End of the Hydroponics Experiment

Stress Test & Data Interface/Display
I’m having a cancer surgery this coming week so this past week I needed to do a stress test to make sure my heart is healthy enough for the procedure, which it was. Due to me being a chemo patient and potentially “weakened”, it was a chemical stress test, rather than me jumping on the treadmill hooked up to a bunch of stuff. They did hook up the various sensors on my chest and on the display I think I counted about 12 different measurements/charts of my heart. It was very cool, the image below isn’t mine, it’s something I found on Google in a scientific paper but the display I saw was similar. I really liked the look and how it integrated all the sensors in real time, definitely a UI/UX design I might want to use in the future on projects or just experimenting and getting sensor data.

Temporary End of the Hydroponics Experiment
I’m giving up on my hydroponics setup for the time being. I learned a lot with the setup over the last two months or so, and I’m working on an article to collate all that info, but I tore it down and packaged it up this past weekend. I don’t it’s done for good, but like any good experiment or iteration, I need to take what I learned and go back to the drawing board for the Mk2 version.

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