I took a lot of time off from writing these updates. I’m still recovering from my surgery and the lingering symptoms and issues have been a lot to deal with and I’ve had more Dr visits and procedures as well, so I’ve spent a lot of time feeling under the weather and not working both in my day job and in my projects. This week I did have a few updates I felt were worth sharing.

  • Python and Graph Nodes
  • A Lotus Bloom
  • Home improvement with a closet bar and shelf and a bed upgrade

Python and Graph Nodes
I was working on some Social network style analytics, sort of like the Covid contact tracing. I was using python to parse some inputs and get the data and I just started experimenting with getting those nodes into some sort of network graph library and then actually displaying that resulting graph. I was looking at python-graph as the library for this and then I was hoping I could somehow pipe it into R for displaying and interacting that way. Still in the early stages, this is something I’d like to play around with more and get some test cases working.

A Lotus Bloom
In my outdoor fish ponds I have various water plants growing, I’ve had boatloads of lily pads this year and last year but never a flower bloom. Yesterday, I noticed a giant bud and took a photo of it and today I saw that the bud had opened into a pretty sweet Lotus flower! Simple, but it makes me very happy to finally get a flower in that tank.

Home improvement with a closet bar and shelf and a bed upgrade
Not my project but my wife wanted an additional closet bar and shelf put in our daughter’s closet at the lower level so she can get to the clothes and items on that shelf. Not a hard project, just measuring the bar, cutting it, and then using the levels to get it all centered and level. Had fun doing it, and my 2-year old was right there handing me screws or playing with the flanges while I installed the bar and shelf.

The Bar and Shelf I installed.

Likewise, she has a bed that I built her (I did an Instructable for it and there’s a YouTube video for that build), we had to put a front gate on it because she would constantly get up and walk out the door. For the last few months her changing table has blocked the bottom of the bed but she’s now out grown it and we needed an additional rail. I built it like the last one, but the last one was built at the start of Covid and only with the materials on hand (which was barely enough), I now have some more wood and was able to build the rail with more than enough materials. A pretty simple process, just did all the cuts, made some angled cuts on the rails, put it all together and gave it a quick hand sanding to take any sharp edges off it.

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