I was finishing up Radiation this week, which is not a lot of fun, I do not recommend it, so I wasn’t doing too much; however, over the weeks, especially with us being home due to Covid, my work area had become a sort of dumping ground for cardboard and anything unfinished. I’d go and fix a shelf or hang a picture and just drop everything off on a table when done. So it all got quite out of control and I’ve spent the limited energy I have (due to radiation, again: do not recommend) cleaning up, getting organized, and really cleaning out boxes and shelves of stuff that should have been used or thrown out long ago.

There is something to be said about being properly organized, it’s hard to start or continue work on a project when things are in the way and the tools/items you need are not easy to get to. And this time around I went farther than just cleaning up, it’s a reorganizing and the Spring Cleaning I should have done but didn’t this year.

The biggest thing for me was getting rid of old electronics, I had computers that I hadn’t even attempted to turn on in over 5 years. I also reorganized my rack of the computers I had and were running, nothing crazy there, just tying back some wires and I replaced the long 10′ ethernet cables with 1′ or 2′ runs which made a huge difference.

Overall it’s getting there, a few hours a day as energy and temperatures hold (it is still Summer in Texas). I’ve got a couple projects lined up that I want to work on, an improved weather station, some experimentation around solar power and battery power, plus I have some have finished stuff that it’ll be good to get completed. Feels like “Soon”, guess we’ll see…

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