A couple things of note this week:

  • Better 3D Printing
  • New Raspberry Pi Cameras

Better 3D Printing
I moved my Prusa 3D Printer from in the garage to inside the house by my desk. The affect on the prints has been night and day! Before, I used to have trouble with prints sticking to the bed or warping, now I’ve had far fewer failures and I can just print and forget about it. It must be due to the difference in temperatures, a 74° compared to around 90°, but I also wonder how much of a factor the humidity difference is playing as well. Regardless, it’s clear that the printer needs to live inside the house and not the garage so I’ll have to make a stand for it.

New Raspberry Pi Cameras
I got the new High Quality Raspberry Pi Camera as well as 2 lenses (the 6mm wide angle lens and the 16mm telephoto lens. Unlike the regular camera you need an external lens, there is no built in default that the camera ships with). Initial thoughts are:

  • it’s bigger, taking up more space on all 3 axis than the original camera
  • it weighs more, especially when you add on that lens, which might be a tough constraint on certain projects
  • built in tripod mount, I like this feature!
  • The quality of the shots are definitely better
  • focusing is a little tricky, but once you have it dialed in then no problem.

I’d like to setup a test of the old camera vs the new camera on a static background to see a comparison of the qualities as well as a comparison of the field of views with the different lenses.

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