Had only a minor update last week which I decided to just roll into this week’s updates:

  • Improvements to my shop apron
  • Servos and making things move

Improvements to my shop apron
Last week, I made some tweaks to my shop apron to make it a little more user friendly. It’s a good apron, it’s made out of waxed canvas, is comfortable to wear, and has some good useful pockets, but one thing I didn’t like about it is that if I put my iPhone in the top pocket and I bend over to pick something up my phone would always fall out. So, one small mod I made is to put a leather strap to go over the iPhone and keep it in the pocket. I didn’t do much, I had a wide piece of black leather from another project that I kept to the same dimensions and I added some velcro to one end, sewed that in, and then just glued the other end into the pocket. I used gorilla glue and I’m not sure how well that will stick on the waxed canvas, but it was a long piece and a lot of glue so hopefully that compensates for weaker bond.

The second small mod I made was to just get rid of the long straps in the back. Rather than tying the apron on, now I can just use clips and everything is the right length and fit. I attached the extras with a little bit of athletic tape.

I still have an important modification to make, in that I need that cross piece in the center of the back to keep the straps in place and keep them from slumping off the shoulder. I’ve been looking for the right material around the shop to use and nothing has been jumping out, I might have to find something else and that’s a crucial mod that needs to get done.

Servos and making things move
This week I did some 3D printing of some 3rd party models I found on Thingiverse. I printed 2 models that just move things: a pan and tilt, which would typically be used for FOV controls in a RC Plane, and a linear actuator that will just move back and forth using a continuous rotation servo.

I haven’t done a lot with Servos, and so I don’t feel very comfortable using them or incorporating them into projects. I’m hoping that just experimenting with these two pieces and maybe finding a good use case will help improve that comfort level.

That’s it for this week, hoping to have some more progress on these efforts in the future as well.

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