Lot’s of printing this week, mostly of other people’s work but also modeling out a few pieces of my own for planning, as well as printing:

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Printing Camera Setup / Octolapse
  • 3D Printing PETG Success

3D Modeling
I have this solenoid valve that I’ve been measuring and working on in SketchUp for some plans and it has just taken a boatload of time. On the plus side it’s pushing my abilities, there’s a lot of curves and arcs to make so I’ve gotten better with that in SketchUp. It’s not the final result yet and I’m already proud of how it’s turned out. I’ve also been working on some inserts for boxes and it’s the same deal: a few curves here and there keeping it from being 100% square, but it’s working out well and I’m hoping to start the first set of test prints for fits soon.

A Solenoid Valve I’ve been working on in SketchUp

3D Printing Camera Setup / Octolapse
As I mentioned in a past post, I moved the 3D Printer inside and it’s made a world of difference. This week I also changed up the camera and went from the Raspberry Pi camera to a USB Webcam, the Logitech C920. I also added the plugin Octolapse to my Octoprint setup. Octolapse does some cool time-lapses by moving the print head out of the way or to set positions. It also has a multitude of other options like fine grain camera control, but I haven’t had the need to dive in to those yet.

Right now I have the camera on a tripod in front of the printer, I am printing out a mount so that the camera can move with the Z-axis as the print progresses. Here’s a time-lapse of some printing with the new setup.

3D Printing PETG Success
Finally this week, after the success with some of the printing I did, I went back to printing a couple items with PETG, which in the past I did not have any luck with. It took a couple tries of tweaking the bed and nozzle temperatures, but I was having trouble with the items staying on the bed. I did find an online guide, while looking for some guidance on temperatures, and it mentioned using Painters tape to get better adhesion. That really did the trick, in fact they stick so well that I need to remove the sheet and flex it to get the items to come off. Now I’m working on a couple of 3rd party items in PETG (mostly infrastructure stuff, I’m trying out a rackmount setup for multiple Pis).

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