I was relatively quiet the last couple of weeks, working on a few things here and there, so ended up combining those updates into this week’s update:

  • Infrared Receiver on the Pi
  • Studio Photography setup
  • Energy & Health

Infrared Receiver on the Pi
I started working on getting an infrared receiver working with the raspberry pi. I have a couple projects I’m working on that I think would use a receiver and maybe even a transmitter. The whole process is relatively easy on the Pi and I learned that you can straight up wire-up the Pi to receive commands from a remote, like reboot and such, without scripting in those actions in a language like Python. I thought that was pretty cool, and it totally makes sense from the projects out there that use the Pi as a media center or home control, those would definitely directly interact with a remote to control actions. I’m not going exactly that route, I think I’ll be using Python to handle the requests so I can control other items, like servos, based off those inputs. That’s still TBD but I’d likely do a post about that once I have it figured out.

Studio Photography setup
This week I wanted to take some photos of some 3D prints I did, and rather than just doing a quick snapshot on the phone or with the camera, I took the time to pull out the studio equipment and do it right. I was definitely pleased with the results but the setup time is substantial. I was talking with a friend that it would be nice to have a larger studio space so I can leave the equipment out all the time, but if I were to do it now I would worry about knocking over lights or that too much dust would settle on the paper and equipment. Something to hope for down the road.

Energy & Health
That’s it for this week, as I hinted at in the opening I’ve just not been getting a lot done lately. I’m still recovering from surgery and cancer treatments and it really has just thrown all sorts of aspects of my body out of whack. It’s tough not feeling “well”, or dealing with pain or discomfort. It’s definitely affected my energy levels and my hobby work. Especially when some things have a lot of setup time, that can very quickly seem like too large a hill to climb. But I’m trying to take the right steps for my body and I know things can take some time to change and/or settle in.

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