I’ve been struggling the past few weeks to get this update out, with the Holiday break I got some things done, but this post has languished in Drafts for way too long. Here’s some updates since the last post, which is now a month ago, yikes!:

  • The Honey Do List
  • Concrete Support / Frame

The Honey Do List
I’ve been wondering where the time has been going, I’ve been working in the garage but at the end of the week I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done on my projects. Well, the joys of home ownership and a Toddler mean that the projects I work on may not be the projects I WANT to be working on, but these projects need to get done and take priority.

I keep a couple of todo lists across some different sites, I like toodledo a lot, but lately it’s become almost a long term catch all todo list. I recently got back into using Trello but it has since been acquired by Atlasssian, and while I like that company and their products the have been shifting their focus to Cloud Only which has been problematic for me, but for now that doesn’t affect how I use Trello. I’m using it now for my daily tasks with a board for work and a board for projects, and I access it from the computer or using the mobile app without issue. Anyway, that’s a couple of ways I’ve been staying organized and the Honey Do List there has been a little wild, here’s a sample:

  • Cut table top, sand, top coat for kids table.
  • Resurface other play table.
  • Patch and Paint picture holes upstairs
  • Fix Shower Door (it was uneven and took force to open & close).
  • Fix Garage Door (safety system is off, won’t close without holding the button).
  • Secure Rack to Pantry Door (new purchase)
  • Replace boards on porch.
  • Switch out toilet seat for Toddler Potty training seat.
  • Put the Christmas Lights up
  • Remove the Baby Gate

Now I have a better understanding of where my time and energy goes. That was a lot of things, and that was roughly only a month!

One particular task I was really proud of was fixing the shower door, I watched a couple youtube videos and fixed it myself. I really thought I was going to have to hire someone to fix it, but nope! We used these airbag shims I got off Amazon, it was SO easy: using bricks and the shims prop the door up, loosen the screws, tap it with a hammer very lightly, increase the pressure in the shim, tap again, tighten the screws, remove the bags & bricks. It was like a brand new door! We had been living with it so messed up for so long the change was fantastic. The first time my wife went to use it she almost hit herself in the face because it had taken so much force to open the door before.

Concrete Support / Frame
I’ve been working on this pan and tilt camera setup, which I’ve mentioned in other posts, and I needed a base to mount some equipment to as well as to provide some weight/stability to keep the thing from tipping over. I decided to do a concrete mold with some bolts sunk in.

My plan was relatively simple: build a frame, use saran wrap to keep the frame from sticking to the concrete, pour in, let dry, unscrew the frame and we’re golden.

Of course it didn’t come out like that. One thing was that the concrete mix was thicker then I thought it would be so it didn’t exactly pour or flow. The second thing is I made the mistake of not starting with the corners, I put a bunch in the middle and then spread it around and pushed down on it all, so I was left with air bubbles in the corners, which aesthetically don’t look great but didn’t compromise the rigidity or anything. And of course since the saran wrap moved around as I added the concrete, it wasn’t super smoothed out, and I was of course left with some wrinkles. But the bolts are solid and the base fits nicely.

Overall, I’m happy for my first attempt and learned some valuable experience along the way.

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