Yesterday, I posted a new video. This one was interesting, years ago I wrote an Instructable for building a QFH Antenna, it’s here:, and it’s remained quite popular over the years. One of the toughest parts of the build is the wiring, and I get a lot of questions about it to this day. So, I created a video to walk through it, my hope being that video would do a better job than just text and images in explaining the steps. The result is a quick video walking through the wiring:

A couple interesting aspects of the video I thought would be fun to discuss:

I look very different in this video, my face is puffy and definitely lower energy then I would hope, turns out when filming this I was undergoing kidney failure, which was complicated, but after a week in the hospital I’m better and my kidneys are back to normal with no long term damage (very lucky! This is yet another complication of my struggle with Cancer).

The layout/background is different than I typically do, this was because the garage/workshop was too cold and cluttered mess, so I’m inside at the dining room table with the back porch in the background. You can see during the video water and such falling behind me, this is the snow melting from the terrible Texas freeze and power utility debacle that was all over the news. We had gotten our power and water back recently before this was filmed.

I did have some notes and a screen setup next to the camera which resulted in me not looking into the camera as consistently as I should have, something to keep in mind and note for next time.

When I filmed the top and bottom close-ups I moved around too much, this was a mistake. Should have fixed the antenna and the camera for a better clearer shot, maybe use less depth of field.

Effects are good. I like the simple title wipe in. The call outs on the wires came out ok, but like I said if I fixed these pieces and not let them move I think it would have been even better.

Overall, happy with the end result, it took some time to piece it together and add the few small effects in the video. I hope it ends up meeting the original goal and clarifying some of the confusion around the wiring.

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